• X-Tender(TM) Adventure Trailers


    Crossover technologies between industries have produced some amazing results
    for advanced world-class products.

    Welcome to VMI.

    Where materials and design from the rigors of the offshore yachting industry always apply. 
    Welcome to longevity.

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    We are proud to state that our products are Made in America from the ground up.
    It is our goal to deliver a quality product that is fabricated with the
    materials, products and labor of American craftsman to the best of our ability.

    If we are going to build it, we will build it to last.
    This is our commitment to our customers and to ourselves.
    --Mike Harbick, President, VMI Offroad


    Things to consider when searching for an offroad adventure trailer:

    What will I use as a tow vehicle?

    What kind of terrain and conditions will I be traveling in?

    Will I be running solo or with others in my trailer?

    What features do I need to facilitate my outdoor adventures?

    VMI has a trailer for every level of adventure  -  everything you need to get to those far-away places you dream of going to while experiencing the adventures along the way.  We are a full service, offroad, high-tech, high performance outfitter for the complete extreme adventure expedition, with an eye for ergonomic creature comforts.   You name it -- we have it in or available on your new trailer.

    All of our trailers are based on a monocoque chassis of aerospace and marine grade aluminum which makes them extremely light and strong to handle the off road environment.  We will build you a trailer that will get you where you want to go and beyond.  Check out our current line-up below!

    Areospace and Marine Grade Aluminum used throughout fabrication.


    EXPLORER - Run with it as is, or take it home and build it into a pocket chalet.

    EXPLORER – Run with it as is, or take it home and build it into a pocket chalet.


    OX – This monster in a small package will do anything, anywhere.


    CANYON – Just coming off the line this spring! Play with the big boys – all year long.


    ALPINE – Live in it.  . . . Live it up. 24/7


    COMPASS – Bulletproof luxury. Overland at its finest.


    CUSTOM BUILDS – We are currently taking orders for scheduling in 2015 for our finely

    tuned, fully personalized, back-country trailers made to order for your extreme offroad

    adventures and overland experiences. What’s worth having is worth waiting for, right?

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    Bellingham, WA 98226
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