• X-Tender(TM) Adventure Trailers

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    We are proud to say that our products are made in America from the ground up.
    It is our goal to deliver a quality product that is fabricated with the
    materials, products and labor of American craftsman.

    If we are going to build it, we will built it to last. 
    This is our commitment to our customers and to ourselves.
    --Mike Harbick, President, VMI Offroad

    Thanks for your interest in VMI Offroad and our X-tender series trailers.

    Things to ask yourself when considering an offroad adventure trailer:

    What am I using as a tow vehicle? 
    Is my rig ready for offroad adventures?
    What kind of terrain and conditions will I be traveling in?
    What do I want this trailer to include for my outdoor adventures?

    VMI can provide you with everything you need to get to that far away place that you have dreamed of going to and experience the adventures along the way.  We are a full service, offroad, high-tech, high performance outfitter for the complete extreme adventure expedition.  You name it--we have it or we will get it for you... tires, wheels, winches, shocks, recovery gear and anything else that comes to mind.  Take a look at some of the work we've recently completed in the photo gallery and click on the products tab to see items currently in stock. 

    All of our trailers are fabricated with aerospace and marine grade aluminum which makes them extremely light and strong to handle the off road environment.  We have or can build a trailer that will get you where you want to go and beyond.  There are several base models (not all are shown on the website currently).

    Starting with the Explorer, the basic model. As with all of our products, the list of options makes the finished product one that will meet and/or exceed your needs and dreams


    The OX This “monster” is ready to go and will follow you to the most extreme places right out of the gate. If a bit more luxury is needed in the mix of your back country travels.  


    The Alpine may just be the perfect fit, with a more live in than live on footprint it is sure to keep you exploring all year round.  

    If true comfort and luxury is what you are searching for than the Compass is the model that will take your adventures to new heights. The Compass brings in all the features and benefits of the entire line and blends them with all the comforts of home plus some.

    Our entire line of Xtender trailers can be built to suit your specific needs and desires.   We are happy to create the trailer that you have been planning for years or the trailer that just needs to be perfect for your exact expeditions. We can build an Xtender to any level you want, either turn key, all you do is hook up and go play, or we get the base ready and you finish it to your needs as time and money allow.

    As far as features and benefits go, the sky is the limit. Here are a few accessories and features that can be added to any of the Xtender trailers, including custom built models. These are some of our most popular accessories, but as mentioned before the trailers can be outfitted to your exact needs.


    EXPLORER -- $6,495.00

    OX -- $9,995.00

    ALPINE -- $21,995.00

    COMPASS -- $25,995.00

     Please feel free to contact us directly at 360-224-2109.  Give us a call--let's talk ADVENTURE!


    Request more information on our trailer products or custom fabrication and design services.