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Winterize your trailer to keep things simple in the spring.  You’ll be glad you did it when you don’t have costly repair bills due to the damaging results of winter.  read more...

Summerize and be ready for that first weekend of the season.  read more...

Long Term Storage be sure everything is taken care of before you close it up.  read more...

10 Towing Tips to be sure you enjoy the trip.

Braking While Towing Safety.  If you don't already know this from firsthand experience, then let us tell you--braking in everyday traffaic and braking while towing a trailer are two entirely different situations.  It's all because of inertia, or the tendency for objects to resist changes in the way they are (or aren't) moving.  the more mass an object has, the more it resists change--all that added mass from a trailer makes it a lot harder to slow down. read more...

"How do brake controllers work?"  Here is the best explanation that we have seen about how a brake controller works and how to adjust it.

How to Manually Adjust Electric Brakes (Lippert)  WARNING! Prior to testing or adjusting brakes, be sure area is clear of any pedestrians and vehicles. Failure to perform test in a clear area may result in serious injury or death. Brake Adjustment Lippert Components, Inc. Electric Brakes are manually adjustable only. If manual adjusting is needed, the following 6-step procedure can be utilized

How to Adjust Trailer Brakes and  Grease Wheel Bearings

How to Tow a Trailer

Important Things to Remember when Towing in Winter Driving defensively is never more important than when you are towing a trailer because the added weight, length and stress of the trailer impede your ability to react in sudden avoidance situations. Read more

How to Use Stabilizer Jacks.  Step by step instructions for maximum benefit.


Let's talk about the OX--DIY Reviews

Want to take a look at an Explorer with a 3 Dog tent



“What can you tell me about Solid Axles?”

Solid axles are generally stronger and offer far more payload than independent suspension axles.  They have fewer moving parts that can fatigue. Solid axles are commonly used for off-roading in very rocky areas where the suspension of your vehicle will be under heavy stress. Trail serviceable in emergency situations with minimal parts and tools, and parts are available worldwide.


“Why is aluminum so great?”

Aerospace aluminum construction with marine grade aluminum body and superstructure means that you will have no nasty corrosion like steel.  And, there is no requirement for paint – which will scratch and flake off.

Fully TIG and MIG welded, no bolts, rivets or glue used in fabrication means you get a full-on Monocoque frame with inherent structural stability much like a racecar. And can you say “lightweight”?


You state - Marine Grade - like it is a standard of quality.”

Well, it is! The ocean is one of the toughest environments on earth, and our years of yacht building experience have taught us how to build, plumb and wire products that will last years on end in a highly corrosive marine environment.  What a perfect prerequisite for Overland trailers!  We use yacht components and materials wherever possible in an effort to make your investment in a VMI trailer last a lifetime.


“How do I order?”

Well, 2015 demand is high so delivery depends on the model and options requested. We are currently looking at delivery dates for late 2015 - early 2016 for Canyon, Alpine and Compass.  Still a possibility of getting an OX or Explorer before year end.  The first step is to drop us a line stating what trailer you think you might be interested in, along with the answers to a few short questions:  Contact us

What will I use as a tow vehicle?

What kind of terrain and conditions will I be traveling in?

Will I be running solo or with others in my trailer?

What features do I need to facilitate my outdoor adventures?

We will get right back to you to assist you with your selection and answer any questions that you might have. Once we have those answers, we can give you an estimate of final costs and lead times for your particular build.  At that point, you can get the ball rolling by sending in a refundable deposit to hold your position in the production line.


Is a trailers suspension active?

To a point, when the trailer is being towed in formation, the suspension will be active and control the load as intended. When the terrain involves obstacles or objects that the trailer has to climb up and over, the majority of flex is deflected to the movement of the hitch and coupler.  This deflection happens quicker when the coupler has been changed to an offroad multi-axis coupler that allows for full float vertically and horizontally.



Power Supply

Wheels & Tires





Strength in product design coupled with innovative thinking has led to FUSION’s growth into new product categories, and the development of a world-leading marine audio product range to compliment the already strong car audio offering.

Power Supply

Blue Sea Systemsdesigns and manufactures AC and DC electrical products engineered to withstand the demanding applications in Marine and Specialized Vehicle electrical systems.

Xantrex designs, manufactures and markets power products that are used when on the move to provide auxiliary or emergency power. Their mobile product line includes inverters that are either combined with a built-in battery source, or are designed to work with an external power source such as a car battery or generator. These products and systems which feature intelligent user interface design.


All Zamp Solar solar kits come with top rated CLASS A monocrystalline solar panels, with a 25 year output warranty, and hand picked, tested and approved digital solar charge controllers. 


Propex Air Heaters provide the solution for cranes, boats, RV's or any mobile application. Propex offers a cost effective propane heater available for 12 volt or 24 volt systems.

Onboard Air Systems (OBA) are complete pneumatic systems intended to accomplish various tasks, depending on the kit selected. VIAIR offers OBA systems for smaller compressed air requirements that have a shorter duty cycle need, as well as other systems that provide up to 100% duty cycle and increased air volume by providing a larger tank for compressed air storage. Each Onboard Air System comes complete with compressor(s), air tank, fittings, pressure switch, relay(s), electrical connectors and all applicable accessories.


Flojet Bottled Water System. When one connects any bottle to the water dispensing system, fresh water becomes available for consumer use with water dispensers, ice makers, coffee machines, and other type of application where potable water is necessary.

Whale® has led the way since way back in the ‘40s with ground breaking pump design through to recent innovation leaps in intelligent control electronic pump systems and gas / electric heating systems for water and space in recreational vehicles.

Tankless Water Heaters


TriMark is an employee-owned company and is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of quality hardware products for the recreational vehicle, agricultural, truck, construction, and industrial enclosure markets.

The Leading Manufacturer of Trailer Axles and Trailer Brakes for Over 50 Years

Designer and manufacturer of high-performance, patented suspension systems for O.E.M. applications. Utilizing our unique rubber in shear spring design, the suspension systems delivered exceptional performance.

Refrigerators & Stoves

Norcold Inc. Refrigerators are the hallmark of performance and reliability. As America's leading manufacturer of refrigerators and freezers for RV, Marine and Truck markets, Norcold Inc. is recognized as a world leader in bringing bold product innovations to the recreational industry.

Built to operate in tough marine environments and with a reputation for innovative design and elegance. Isotherm features dependable Danfoss compressors with low power consumption, nearly silent operation, and operates at a heel up to 30°. Interiors easily hold larger bottles with adjustable holders and cradles to keep containers secure and upright.

Wallas forced air marine stoves represent the state of the art in marine cooking systems. Both the diesel and kerosene models eliminate the need for hazardous propane systems, while providing responsive high temperature stoves that will give years of reliable service.

Wheels & Tires


Method Race Wheels

Method Race Wheels is committed to bring you the finest quality products with the most complete line-up of off road race wheels for truck, buggy, rock crawler, and short course, as well as street wheels for truck, Jeep, and SUV applications






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